Shamrocks, Thistles, and the odd English Rose.

 JOHN TODD was born 1786 in Hillsborough, County Down in Ireland and died May 21st, 1851 in Stranraer. He married MARY MCLEAN about.1820 in Wigtownshire. She was born 1801 in Ireland, and died July 29th, 1849 in Stranraer, John worked as a weaver when he first came to Scotland from Ireland, he travelled through the small towns and villages of Dumfries and Galloway finding work wherever it could be found. Through time he became employed as the local sheriff officer for Stranraer. He settled there and lived at 3 Burns Row West and Millhill St (little Dublin) until his death at home in 46 Charlotte St, 1851 aged 66.  


ABOVE, The original death notice of John Todd that appeared in the local paper in 1851 and BELOW his wife Mary’s death notice from 1849

The children of JOHN TODD and MARY MCLEAN are:

2. ROBERT TODD, born 1819, Stranraer, and died 1907

WILLIAM TODD, born. February 7th, 1822, Leswalt,

3. JOHN TODD, born 1823, Stranraer

4. JAMES TODD, born 1824, Stranraer

ALEXANDER TODD, born December 5th, 1826.

MARY TODD, born 1830, Girvan, she died June 27th, 1887, at 98 George St, Stranraer she was married JOHN CRAVEN.

JANE TODD, b. April 28th, 1832, Stranraer, Wigtown. she married James Howliston and she died of a heart disease on the 5th of March 1868.


                                  Generation No. 2

2. ROBERT TODD was born 1819 in Stranraer, Wigtown and died 1907 in Stranraer, Wigtown. He first married MARGARET PATTERSON and after she died he then married SUSAN MCKIE on January 1st, 1878 in 22 Hanover Square, Stranraer, she was the daughter of ROBERT MCKIE.

The children of Robert Todd and Margaret Patterson where

JOHN TODD, born 1856.

JANE EMERSON TODD, born 1849, Stranraer, she married WILLIAM THOMSON in 1868

,( Click this link below for more info on Jane Todd and William Thomson)

ROBERT TODD, born 1843.

3. JOHN TODD was born 1823 in Stranraer, His first marriage was to MARY FULTON on March 13, 1843 in Leswalt. Wigtown. She died about 1847 in Stranraer. He then married MARGARET GIBNEY November 26th, 1849 in Leswalt, daughter of JAMES GIBNEY and MARY GIBNEY. She was born 1822 in Co Down, Ireland, and died January 31st, 1885 in the Calton district of Glasgow.

The children of JOHN TODD and MARY FULTON where

5. ROBERT TODD, born December 19th, 1843, Leswalt , Wigtown and died October 24th, 1916, Glasgow.

MARGARET GIBSON TODD, born. September 22nd, 1845, Clayhole, Wigtown and died there on. January 15th, 1847,

6. WILLIAM TODD, born 1851, Stranraer, Wigtown he died. January 18th, 1900, at 24 John St Lane, Calton, Glasgow.

7. JOHN TODD, born 1854, Stranraer, Wigtown. Died in Boston, USA

JAMES TODD, born September 13th, 1855, Stranraer, Wigtown

ALEXANDER TODD born February 13th, 1859 and died June 25th, 1868, at home in Princes St, Stranraer.

4. JAMES TODD was born 1826 in Stranraer and died January of cancer on the 13th 1883 in Glasgow Royal Infirmary. He married MARGARET REID February 21st, 1850 in Stranraer. She was born about 1825 in Ireland and died April 29th 1884 In Stranraer

The children of JAMES TODD and MARGARET REID where

AGNES TODD, born in 1850 she married JOHN EAGLESHAM on August 2nd , 1872, at 12 Glebe St, Leswalt, Stranraer. She died on the 29th of December 1884 in East Kilbride. ( **See story below)

HELEN TODD, born 1856, She married John Eaglesham after her sister Agnes died.  she herself died of heart failure on the 11th of December 1939

HUGH REID TODD, born December 8th, 1857. he died on the 4th of July 1926 in Girvan, Ayrshire, he married Annie Stewart in 1890.  When she died he remarried Mary Devlin(both pictured below) He became a prominent businessman in Girvan, owning his own tailoring business as well as several properties in Girvan.



JAMES TODD, born April 17th , 1860.

JOHN TODD, born May 16th 1863.  John Todd  and wife (Elizabeth) emmigrated to Canada and owned an apple orchard in Kelowna, BC, Canada. He died on March 31, 1947. His death certificate stated that he died from exhaustion from fighting a fire in his orchard


** When Agnes Todd died in 1884, her husband John married her younger sister Helen (Nelly). With Agnes they had six children, James (Born 1873) Margaret (Born 1875) Mary Ann (Born 1877) John (Born 1881)Agnes (Born 1882) Mathew (Born 1884) He married Helen on the 5th of August 1885 and had a further 5 kids

Helen (Born 1886) William (1888) Barbara (Born 1890) Elizabeth (Born 1893) and finally Daniel (Born 1896). Helen also had an illegitimate son born in 1879 named John Todd

John Todd became known as John Todd Eaglesham when his mother married John Eaglesham. and after a while he began using the name Todd Eaglesham.

Todd was well known to the local Police and the records I found on him at the National Archives of Scotland showed that he had been found guilty in October of 1905 at the High Court in Glasgow of assault and robbery. His victim was Daniel Deuchrass of Abbottsford Place in Glasgow.

He was sentenced to five years in Barlinnie Prison. One of his previous convictions was for “Theft by housebreaking” in January of 1904.

On the 6th of April 1912 he married a widower called Sarah Madden. Sarah was married to John McDonald and had one son called James McDonald who was born in 1904, and died in September of 1968. The year after she married Todd, Sarah gave birth to their first child, a daughter they named Sarah. In 1925 Sarah died of a fractured skull after falling from the stair head window at her home in 117 Rose St, Gorbals.

In 1914 they had a son named William. William never married and died of cancer in 1966. Sarah again married in 1934 to a man by the name of John Plunkett. She died in 1956 at the age of seventy four.

*See "Family at War" section for the Eagleshams war stories*


Generation No. 3

5. ROBERT TODD was born December 19th, 1843 in Leswalt, Wigtown and died October 24th, 1916 in Glasgow. He first married CATHERINE CONNELLY on May 29th, 1866 in Stranraer. She was the daughter of JOHN CONNELLY and ISABELLA REID and was born 1847 in Stranraer. She died December 26th, 1875 in Stranraer. His second marriage was to JANE CUMMING on April 24th, 1876 in Stranraer. She was the daughter of JOHN CUMMING and JANE MCDOWALL. She was born 1841 in Stranraer, and died June 10th, 1903 in Glasgow.

His first marriage to Catherine Connelly produced four children the first was Mary Ann Wright Todd born on the 4th of August 1867. Next born was Margaret Todd on the 18th of March 1869. In 1870, on the 31st of March another daughter was born, she was called Isabella and grew up and married a Irishman from Garngad, Glasgow by the name of Robert Quinn in October of 1888.

The last child born to Catherine was Georgina in May of 1872. Sadly Georgina would pass away in Glasgow on the 24th of January 1891 due to a lung Disease.

Catherine Connelly passed away on Boxing Day 1875.

Robert Todd then remarried on the 24th of April 1876, His second wife was Jane Cumming.

With Jane, Robert went on to have another three children, this time it was all sons. The first was John born on the 10th of January 1877, John was to survive only four months and pass away on the 14th of May 1877. On the 16th of June 1878 the next son would be born and called Robert after his father.

Robert would grow up, and like his half sister would marry into an Irish catholic family by the name of McLaughlin.

The last son born to Robert and Jane was James on the 17th of April 1882. It was round about this time Robert and Jane left Stranraer and moved to Glasgow's east end and lived at 30 Charlotte St, Calton before moving to Bright St in the Garngad.

Robert senior died on the 24th of October 1916 at the age of 73. On his Death certificate it stated he was a resident of the Barnhill poorhouse in Glasgow. His oldest daughter Mary was the one who registered his death.

Jane Cumming died of Double Pneumonia on the 10th of June 1903 at home in 35 Bright St Garngad.

The children of ROBERT TODD and CATHERINE CONNELLY where:

MARY ANN WRIGHT TODD was born on August 4th, 1867 in Stranraer. She died February 8th, 1950, in Dornock, Dumfries she married ARCHIEBALD MCINTYRE HUGHES.

MARGARET TODD, born March 18th, 1869, in Stranraer, and died 1904, Glasgow She married JOHN MARTIN.

8. ISABELLA TODD, born. March 31st, 1870 in Stranraer, and died September 17th, 1945 in Glasgow.

GEORGINA ADAIR TODD, born May 1872, Stranraer, and died on January 24th, 1891, Glasgow.


the children of ROBERT TODD and JANE CUMMING where:

9. ROBERT TODD, born June 16th, 1878, 9 Greenvale St, Stranraer Wigtown and died June 24th, 1950, at home in 133 Househillwood Rd Glasgow Aged 72.

JAMES TODD, born. April 17th, 1882, at 9 Greenvale St Stranraer.

JOHN TODD, born January 10th, 1877,at 9 Greenvale St Stranraer and died May 14th, 1877, Stranraer.


6. WILLIAM TODD was born 1851 in Stranraer, and died January 18th, 1900 in 24 John St Lane, Glasgow. He married ISABELLA ERSKINE January 27th, 1873 in Stranraer. The oldest daughter of SAMUEL ERSKINE and JANE MCLUMPHA. She was born 1849 in Inch, Wigtown, and died February 11th, 1906 in Glasgow.

William Todd was, like his father and brother John, a baker to trade and worked from home selling his goods locally.

During the last five years of his life William and his wife lived apart. He lived in co-habitation with a Mrs Blair in the Calton district of Glasgow.

The children of WILLIAM TODD and ISABELLA ERSKINE where:

WILLIAM TODD, born. 1871 in Stranraer he died on May 1st, 1885, at home in 44 Moncur St, Calton Glasgow. Cause of his death was Nephritis, Dropsy

10. THOMAS TODD was born. October 16th, 1873 at 27 Charlotte St, Calton Glasgow he died on June 13th, 1905, at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

MARGARET TODD was born February 14th, 1875, Glasgow and first married ANDREW DICK on September 7th 1894 in Glasgow, she later married Richard Waters, She died in 1937 at home in Glasgow

MARY TODD was born in 1878 at 31 Calton Entry, Calton Glasgow. She married 21 year old Patrick Reilly on the 13th of April 1897. On the 10th of February 1900 Mary gave birth to her only child Isabella. Sadly the child survived only five hours due to childbirth complications. Mary herself died three days later on the 13th of April

ISABELLA TODD, born on January 27th, 1880 at home in 42 Moncur St, she accidentally died on April 21st, 1881. Cause of Death was noted on the death certificate as “Burns to face and side of neck”

11. ELIZABETH TODD, born June 1st, 1881, at 44 Moncur St, Calton Glasgow. She died February 24th, 1932, Glasgow.

JEMIMA TODD, born June 19th, 1883 and died in 1884.


7. JOHN TODD was born 1854 in Stranraer, Wigtown. He married MARY WRIGHT on December 31st, 1879 in St James Church, Great Hamilton St. Glasgow, daughter of JOHN WRIGHT and MARY BALLANTYNE. She was born April 26th, 1855 in Glasgow. They had one child, John who was born on April 22, 1879 at 41 James St, Glasgow and died there on January 31, 1880,

In 1882 John and his wife Mary left Glasgow and headed to the city of Boston in America, He joined his father who had moved there the year before to find work. Searching through the 1890 census for America I found them staying in Middlesex County in Boston, Massachusetts, According to the census they owned their own bakery shop. In the 1900 census they are still in Boston, John Todd (Snr) does not appear and I believe he may have died as I could find no trace of him. His son is now employed as a baker working for someone else. I could find no more children for John and Mary, I believe this line of Todd’s ceased to exist sometime after 1930.


                                                 Generation No.4

8. ISABELLA TODD was born March 31st, 1870 in Stranraer, and died September 17th, 1945 in Glasgow. She married ROBERT QUINN on October 11th, 1888 in Glasgow, son of ROBERT QUINN and ELIZABETH HAGARTY. He was born December 10th, 1868 in Glasgow, and died October 24th, 1957

The children of ISABELLA TODD and ROBERT QUINN where:

HENRY QUINN, born. August 12th, 1889.

ISABELLA QUINN, born. March 7th, 1892, Glasgow and died December 1st, 1964, Glasgow.

MARY JANE QUINN, born. May 2nd, 1898, Glasgow and died February 3rd, 1902, Glasgow.

CATHERINE QUINN, born. April 16th, 1902.

ROBERT QUINN, born. March 14th 1900, Glasgow he died on March 14th, 1982, Glasgow.

ELIZABETH QUINN, born. March 8th, 1896, Glasgow and died September 6th, 1982, Glasgow.

ALICE QUINN, born. October 20th, 1904, Glasgow and died November 17th, 1988, Glasgow.

GEORGINA QUINN, born November 1907, Glasgow. married an Irishman named Patrick Gilmour in Glasgow and moved to Baly Bay in Co Monaghan.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  










9. ROBERT TODD (pictured left with daughter Margaret)  was born June 16th, 1878 in 9 Greenvale St, Stranraer Wigtown,  and died June 24th, 1950 in 133 Househillwood Rd Glasgow Aged 72. He married MARGARET MCLAUGHLIN July 12th, 1901 in Glasgow, daughter of PATRICK MCLAUGHIN and MARGARET CLARK. She was born June 9th, 1880 in 227 South Wellington St, Glasgow, and died of cancer on December 19th, 1947 in 133 Househillwood Rd Glasgow Aged 67.

Margaret McLaughlin was the youngest of four children born to her parents. She had an older sister Sarah, born in 1873 and two older brothers Joseph Hugh, born in 1869 and Patrick who was born in 1867.

It is believed that when Robert Todd and Margaret McLaughlin married there was a family feud due to Robert marrying outside his religion, his father was said to be Staunch Church of Scotland and a high ranking member of the Orange Order. The actual cause of the feud was a member of his lodge complained that he was "married to an Irish Bitch" causing Robert Todd to assault the member and leaving the lodge, He then enrolled all his children into a Catholic school.

It was also said they went to America because of this feud and later returned to Scotland, When in fact he went to America and worked on the construction of the Empire State building then returning home because Margaret did not want to leave Glasgow.










The children of ROBERT TODD and MARGARET MCLAUGHLIN  (pictured left in 1901) where:

12. ROBERT TODD, born. September 3rd, 1902 at 44 Stevenson St, Calton and died February 21st, 1978, 4 Househillmuir Place, Glasgow.



MARGARET CLARK TODD, born November 1st, 1903, 61 Waterloo St, Gorbals, she died on March 6th, 1980, at her home in 3 Dougrie Place, Glasgow. She married THOMAS MCGHEE.

JAMES TODD, born. November 23rd, 1905 at 25 Struthers St, Calton and died on February 7th, 1931. Cause of Death was Acute Bronchitis.

JOSEPH HUGH TODD, born November 7th, 1907 at 47 Marlborough St, Gorbals he died May 7th, 1908,

MARY ANNE WRIGHT TODD, born January 15th, 1909, at 25 Struthers St, Calton, she died on November 6th, 1909, Cause of Death was Infantile Diarrhoea.

13. WILLIAM SCROGGIE TODD, born July 25th, 1910, at 80 Brook St, Gorbals he died on April 4th, 1983,

14. NEIL MCLAUGHLIN TODD, born. July 26th, 1912, at 229 Rutherglen Rd, Gorbals, he died on August 19th, 1986,

15. JOSEPH HUGH MCLAUGHLIN TODD, born. November 27th, 1914, at 10 South Shamrock St Glasgow he died on November 22nd, 1964, at home in 11 Seagrove St. Glasgow.

JANE TODD, born January 21st, 1916 and died January 21st, 1977. She first married HUGH LAMONT and then JOHN EADIE.

16. PATRICK TODD, born. October 25th, 1919, at 71 Rose St, Gorbals he died August 22nd, 2002, in Cana


   Patrick Todd and friends.

taken in the Gorbals in the 1930's


10. THOMAS TODD was born October 16th, 1873 in 27 Charlotte St, Calton and died on June 13th, 1905 in Glasgow Royal Infirmary. He married MARTHA MCCREADIE November 30th, 1894 in Glasgow.

The children of THOMAS TODD and MARTHA MCCREADIE where:

ANNE TODD, born in Shettleston. May 30, 1897 and died. April 24, 1909, in Alloa, Scotland.

ISABELLA TODD, born in Calton. August 27, 1901.

MARGARET TODD, born in Calton. January 6, 1903.

THOMAS TODD, born in Calton. November 27, 1904

After Thomas died in 1905, his three daughters where taken into care due to the mother Martha being unable to look after them because of a weak heart (she lived till 1959!!) son Thomas remained with Martha.                                   In December 1907 Ann and Isabella where sent to stay with a Mrs Conroy of 21 Ochil St, Alloa, A year later Margaret also went to stay with them, Ann died in 1909 whilst staying with Mrs Conroy and in 1912 Margaret was sent to stay with a Mrs Lynch at 20 Shillinghill, Alloa

Thomas moved to Dundee and married Annie Cartwright in 1931. They had three children, Annie born in 1932, Margaret in 1933 and finally Thomas born 1937, Martha McCreadie died aged 89 in August of 1959, her son Thomas passed away a few months later in December of 1959, his wife Annie died in 1977,

11. ELIZABETH TODD was born June 1, 1881 at 44 Moncur St, Calton, Glasgow. and died February 24, 1932 in Glasgow. She married JOHN CAMERON March 8, 1901 in Glasgow, son of ARCHIEBALD CAMERON and JESSIE WELSH. He was born 1876 in Castle St, Glasgow, and died December 7, 1915 in Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

When John died Elizabeth remarried a carter by the name of James Hunter.

The children of ELIZABETH TODD and JOHN CAMERON are:

JESSIE WELSH CAMERON, born. January 17, 1902.

FRANCES COLLINS CAMERON, born. November 21, 1907.

JOHN CAMERON, born. September 3, 1909.



                              Generation No. 5


12. ROBERT TODD was born September 3rd, 1902 in 44 Stevenson St, Calton Glasgow, and died February 21st, 1978 in 4 Househillmuir Place, Glasgow. He married ELIZABETH MAIR December 31st, 1929 in Glasgow. She died December 22nd, 1985 in Southern General Hospital, Glasgow.


The children of ROBERT TODD and ELIZABETH MAIR  (pictured above) are:


WILLIAM MAIR TODD, born. 1931.married Sarah Smith 1951

MARGARET MCLAUGHLIN TODD, born 1933 married. DUNCAN MCKAY, August 8, 1953, Glasgow.                     


ROBERT MAIR TODD, born 1937. married Sally

PATRICK MCLAUGHLIN TODD, born 1939. died 2009

Children.. Elizabeth, born 1966, Lynda, born 1968 and Christine born 1970

MURIAL TODD, born 1941 and  married. PATRICK MACKIN.

JEANETTE GALLACHER TODD, born. 1944. married Martin Noone

JAMES POWEL TODD, born 1945 married. KATHRYN TAYLOR, 1967.

NEIL MCLAUGHLIN TODD, born. 1950. Moved to Aylesbury in England and married Jean Hutchison, They have three children. James born 1970, Stuart born 1972 and Donna born 1975.

ROSINA GALLACHER TODD, born. 1952. Married John McLean in 1992, They had two children, Anthony born 1975 and Donna born 1977. John died in 1998.

JOHN HAY TODD, born. 1955. married Jacqueline Lear 26th June 1977. 


13. WILLIAM SCROGGIE Todd was born July 25th 1910 at 80 Brook St, Gorbals Glasgow, and died April 4th 1983 in Glasgow. He married MARY ESTHER CASKIE on February 6th, 1941 in Bothwell, daughter of ALFRED CASKIE and MARY KERRIGAN. She died April 7th, 1986 in Glasgow.

The children of WILLIAM TODD and MARY CASKIE are:

ALFRED TODD, born. January 18th, 1942, at 203 Thistle St, Gorbals Glasgow and died on December 2nd, 1944, Glasgow

WILLIAM TODD, born. 1946.

MARY TODD, born. 1947.

GERARD TODD, born. 1953.

MARGARET TODD, born. 1954 and died in 1994.

FRANCIS TODD, b. 1955.


14. NEIL MCLAUGHLIN TODD was born July 26th, 1912 at 229 Rutherglen Rd, Gorbals Glasgow, and died August 19th, 1986 He first married MARY BRADLEY in December 31st 1937 in Glasgow but she passed away in August of 1944. He then married MARY WILLIAMS, daughter of ALEXANDER WILLIAMS and MARY DEVLIN. She died October 3, 1989 in Glasgow.

The children of NEIL TODD and MARY BRADLEY are:

PHILIP BRADLEY TODD, born in 1938 and died in 1938.


15. JOSEPH HUGH MCLAUGHLIN TODD was born November 27th, 1914 in 10 South Shamrock St Gorbals, and died November 22nd, 1964 in home at 11 Seagrove St. Glasgow. He married JANE BUCHANAN March 12th, 1937 in St Luke’s RC. Gorbals Glasgow, daughter of JOHN BUCHANAN and ANNIE MONAGHAN. She was born January 21st, 1920 in 87 Naburn St, also in the Gorbals and died on May 24th, 1990 suddenly at home in Rigby St, Carntyne. When they married Joseph was a bakery labourer aged 22 and stayed at 79 Florence St in the Gorbals, Ann Jane Buchanan a confectionery worker aged 17 and stayed a few closes away at 71 Florence St

Children of JOSEPH TODD and JANE BUCHANAN are:

17. JAMES TODD, born. May 21st, 1938, 113 Florence St Glasgow and died. August 18th, 2002 at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

JOHN BUCHANAN TODD, born. March 10th, 1943, at 71 Florence St, Glasgow and died May 19th, 1952, at The Children’s Hospital, Glasgow, cause of Death was Tuberculosis, Meningitis.

THOMAS ALEXANDER TODD, born June 10th, 1952.

JOSEPH TODD, born April 11th, 1957


          James with young brother John, 1945


Joseph Todd was buried in St Peters cemetery Dalbeth Glasgow. He is in section 20 lair 1036; also buried in the lair is his sister Jane and her husband John and Peter Lamont, Jane's oldest son from her first marriage.

Joseph’s wife Jane Buchanan was the oldest of four children born to John Buchanan and Annie Monaghan, the other children where Alexander born on the 22nd January 1922 and twins Annie and John born on the 23rd of December 1925.

Her grandparents on her fathers side, Alexander Buchanan  (pictured below) and Elizabeth Headridge where married on August 5th 1884 in Auchterarder. A few years later they moved to Glasgow looking for work and settled in the Gorbals where Alexander worked as a boilerman on the railway.

Above Alexander Buchanan. Taken 1928 in Richmond Park Glasgow.
 Pictured with Nellie (12?) and Buddy Walb (14?). American Niece and Nephew.
Below, Pte John Buchanan The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) and possibly his wife Annie Monaghan

Her mother Annie Monaghan passed away in 1929 aged thirty-four of a heart attack. She was buried in Riddrie Cemetery (sect F lair 2192). Annie's mother, Anne Albert was also buried here when she died aged seventy-nine in March of 1950.

After her mothers death Jane's father married Margaret Liddell McKinnon in October of 1930. He passed away in December 31st 1974 at Mearnskirk Hospital.

16. PATRICK TODD was born October 25th, 1919 at 71 Rose St in the Gorbals. He married MARGARET MCGLINLAY on July 27th, 1945 in Glasgow, daughter of JAMES MCGINLAY and MARY MCGINLAY. In 1967 the family moved to Canada. They remained there and when Margaret died on December 25th 1994, her ashes where returned to Glasgow and buried with her parents at St Conval’s Cemetery (section 3 grave no1126)

Patrick passed away on August 22nd 2002, His ashes where also returned to Glasgow and buried alongside those of Margaret. The rest of the family still remain in Canada


                              Pat and Margaret Todd


MARY TODD, b. May 26, 1946.

ANN RALPH TODD, b. June 29, 1950.

JOHN MCGINLAY TODD, b. 1955, Glasgow.

MARGARET MCLAUGHLIN TODD, b. June 22, 1957.                                                        


                           Generation No. 6

17. JAMES TODD was born May 21st, 1938 in 113 Florence St Glasgow, and died August 18th, 2002 at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary. He was first married MATILDA BOYLE, and then MARGARET BLEAKLEY on November 18th, 1961, daughter of WILLIAM BLEAKLEY and MARY WARBURTON. She was born November 25, 1941 in Glasgow. and died on the 6th January 2007.

James Todd was first married to Matilda Boyle. With Matilda he had two daughters,

The children of JAMES TODD and MARGARET BLEAKLEY are:

19. IRENE TODD, born. 1962, Glasgow.

20. JOHN WILLIAM TODD, born. 1963, at Belvidere hospital, Glasgow.

21. JAMES TODD, born. 1964, Glasgow

22. THOMAS TODD, born.  1965.

23. JOSEPH TODD, born.  1967, Glasgow.

24. WILLIAM TODD. born 1968

25. MICHAEL TODD, born.  1969, Glasgow.


                         Generation No. 7

19. IRENE TODD was born  1962 in Glasgow. She married ALAN MUIR 1982 in Glasgow.

Child of IRENE TODD and ALAN MUIR is:



20. JOHN WILLIAM TODD was born  1963 in Belvidere hospital, Glasgow. He married JOYCE CAMPBELL  2003 in Glasgow, daughter of JOHN CAMPBELL and WILLIAMINA SMITH. She was born 1968 at the Rottenrow maternity hospital, Glasgow.

The children of JOHN TODD and JOYCE CAMPBELL is:




                                     Kerry Todd 2007


 21. JAMES TODD was born  1964 in Glasgow. He married MARY QUINN. 1984

Children of JAMES TODD and MARY QUINN are:





22. THOMAS TODD was born  1965. He married KAREN STEWART. 

Children of THOMAS TODD and KAREN STEWART are:



23. JOSEPH TODD was born  1967 in Glasgow. He met KAREN JOHNSTON. She was born  1971 in Glasgow.




24. WILLIAM Todd was born in 1968 He met LORRAINE FITZIMMONS.





25. MICHAEL TODD was born 1969 in Glasgow. He married SUSAN MITCHELL. She was born  1970 in Glasgow.






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