Shamrocks, Thistles, and the odd English Rose.

The Streets Where Our Family's Lived


                                        Hanover Square, Stranraer. 

The street to the right of the coach builders is Millhill St. It was one of the poor area's of Stranraer were most of the Irish lived and was also known as Little Dublin or Little Ireland. This was home to John Todd and his family in the 1840's until his death in 1851


                                                    Charlotte St, Stranraer.




                                        Charlotte St, Calton Glasgow. 

When the Todd family moved to Glasgow, the first place they lived was Charlotte St. this was the same address that they lived at in Stranraer!!



                            Florence St (Formerly Rose St), Gorbals. Glasgow

Another of the Todd's Des Res.. Florence St in the "auld" Gorbals. They lived at number 71,  In the book " The Benny Lynch Story"  the Todd family are mentioned as neighbours of Benny.



                                                  Calton Entry, Glasgow



                                                Green St, Calton Glasgow



          Merkland St, Partick. one of the first places that the Bleakley and Warburton family's stayed in Glasgow



North St , Anderson. another home of the Bleakleys.

The Mitchel Library on the right hand side.  

The buildings on the left hand side gave way to the M8 motoryway in the 1960's


Douglas St , Partick

The Bleakley's Stayed at 102


Orchard St, again in Partick and home to the Warburtons

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